Studying. Made easy. 

Because successfully taking a new course requires keeping and appropriating key learning points, everyone knows making studying guide means efficient studying. 

But usually it is so time consuming. Not anymore. 

With Squeezit your beautiful study guide is ready within minutes.

 (you can even do it during the lecture...don't tell anyone...)

Plenty left of time left to revise for the exam or do something else. 

I love Squeezit.
— Graduate UC Berkeley
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Whether you are the studying kind 

When I use Squeezit, I know I am being efficient. It is as simple as that. And when you are studying for final, it is a nice feeling to have...

Or not.. 

I am the kind who studies the night before. I just want to pass my exam. But reading the 456 pages PDF in one night: a nightmare. Squeezit allows me to do just that. Study the night before, only smarter and for a better grade. I make my study guide during the class. I don’t even open the course the night before, I just read the squeeze. Done.

If you are smart about your time,

You love Squeezit.