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How I became a
productivity hero

with Squeezit

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9am in lecture.

I think to myself that I am not the greatest note-taker, especially after last night's party. But looking at my Squeezit notes you'd never guess. They are beautiful and straight to the point, although I was pretty much asleep during half the lecture. Because I can. 


3pm in tutorial.

I really can't recall how I named this note from last semester. Seriously, who would have thought it would come handy today? This is one of the perks of using Squeezit: it literally sorts out my notes for me. Yep, just found it.


11pm in a rush.

My essay is due in an hour. I know what to write but no time to make it look pretty. Panic time. But wait, Squeezit can automatically export my essay to LaTeX, right? Hahaha! Yes. Winner feeling. Now, I've even got time to write a conclusion!

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