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A Squeezit mode to help people with learning differences like dyslexia
study in a way that supports their potential.

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Just because you do things differently
does not mean you won't succeed greatly.


Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo produced remarkable art work. He was also an inventive genius. He would often write his notes in reverse, mirror image, an indication that he was dyslexic. 

His extraordinary achievements are proof that he truly possessed the gift of dyslexia.

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And Da Vinci was not the only one...


Steven Spielberg

Overcoming his dyslexia was one of Spielberg's most significant achievements of his storied career. He found a way to make compelling stories for others to enjoy and be inspired by.


Albert Einstein

Einstein attributed his greatest achievements to his excellent visual imagination, developed thanks to his dyslexia


What will you accomplish to make this list even bigger?

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