You work smart.

So we supercharged everything you already do. 
All the effort you already make, rewarded, doubly. 



As you read you know instantly what is important and you highlight it.

With Squeezit:  You actually just started collecting smart sentences you can reuse any time.(cloud) 





And you have created a summary! (squeeze) ==> CLARISSE! makes us think differently about the UXI/


Pictures & graphs

Images are more powerful than words. 
Squeezit lets you crop everything, from pictures to graphs or formula, so that you always summarise in the best possible way.


Efficient formatting

You have done the reading and the highlighting. Formatting should be easy. In Squeezit, with one click you can hierarchize your thoughts. 


The power of the Squeeze revealed.


Now that you have created a Squeeze. You have unlocked 




The squeeze is a pretty powerful format. From what you have highlighted you can make: a Word Doc, a PowerPoint and a Mind with 0 additional effort.