All you need to read and summarize efficiently 

Only supercharged.

All your efforts, rewarded x10


Squeezit has all the main features you need to read and summarize efficiently. It supports your work so you can focus on tasks that really matter. Only each is supercharged. Each effort you make, you get rewarded, doubly.



Highlight => Summary 

In Squeezit, we know that if you highlight something, it is important. 

So we save it in a separate document. That way, you can find it later easily!

Squeezit, find it when you need it. 


Pictures and Graphs 

Images are powerful than words. 

Squeezit lets you crop everything, from pictures to graphs or formula, so that you always summarise in the best possible way.


Efficient Formatting

You have done the reading. the highlighting, formatting should be a easy. In Squeezit, with one lick you can hierarchize your thoughts. 






The squeeze is a pretty powerful format. From what you have highlighted you can make: a Word Doc, a PowerPoint and a Mind with 0 additional effort.

Maybe a tagline:


You have created a squeeze, now use its power (maybe even in the app the narrative should be done that way)