The importance of a great studying environment or why Superman wears red tights.

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Often we just believe that putting a book on a surface creates an adequate environment for studying. In average, a student spends 15 hours studying per week. That is a hell of a long time !!

You might as well make it count.

The question is, how to create a great studying environment?

Even more than that, studies show that you can trick your brain in having certain behaviours just by changing the way you stand and the way you are dressed.

We will even stretch the thing further. You know the saying: "The clothes do not make the man”.
I mean, come on, did you really think Superman enjoys wearing red tights? That is why we are about to give you an advice that will make you cringe and doubt our truthfulness but if you have read our other blog articles and tested our app, you know we mean business. 

The tip is easy: have a studying hoodie. Yes we said it. And when you put it on, you will feel like you can focus more. Try it and you will see it is pretty astonishing. By doing that you will have a new ritual you can hang on to when you need it the most.

Varsities usually have one. But if for a reason or another you hate your school or want to feel special, Squeezit hoodies will be available soon in our store. And you can redeem them for free with coupons you get if you are a Squeezit user.

We will keep you updated on our instagram profile πŸ˜‰.

And now put your hoodie on and go finish that essay so you can go out later for halloween !! 


Leina Zouitene