Budgeting: 3 tips, one that is counterintuitive


Budgeting when you go to college becomes a necessity. As a high school student, your parents might have helped you but in college, even if your parents help, getting your head around budgeting is something great to do for your present and future self. You will feel empowered and in control, which are great feelings to have. 

As a productivity and note taking app, we are an objective eye on the matter. We know how much it can be hard for some of you, so here are the 3 tips that we think are the most helpful. 

 1) Set a saving goal

You can set for yourself a goal of saving 5% of your budget every month. This can quickly add up and allow you to splurge on something bigger than you thought you could afford without you even feeling it!  

You will see how you start paying more attention to what you spend and that there are things you can actually live without. Afternoon latte? No thanks! And now you can afford the Spotify subscription you have been eyeing... 

2) Use an app that helps you budget easily

Daily budget iOS app is crazy good. And free. Don't bother with the in-app purchases. The app in its free version is already useful and will allow you to handle your budget is an easy manner. The app estimates your usual expenses to come up with a daily budget that you can spend or save. To keep track of your spendings, you record what you have paid each time you buy something. The really friendly layout allows you to actually feel like saving is easy. 

(If you are into investment and other more complex things, Personal Cap can work. But here we like to keep it simple. Simpler is often better.) 

3) See budgeting as a way of enjoying things you buy more

That the tip you would expect the least but hear us out. "Enduring the struggle makes the victory that much sweeter". This applies to everything in life, including budgeting. Why, you are going to ask? Isn't it better to just buy easily whatever you want? 

When you save for a while for something and end up buying it, the pride you will take will actually maximize the happiness you feel once you are able to afford that gift for yourself.

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Leina Zouitene